~Updated 2/22/01~
  ^_^ Hello everyone! Welcome to Sakura-chan's InuYasha Shrine! I hope everyone likes the new layout of my page Not to mention the face that I moved to a different server. Geocities just got to be annoying...-.-; Although the maine theme of this page has been InuYasha, the most popluar part of this page (I didn't even expect it to be as successful as has become) has become the anime episode/movie request. I'm currently only sending files through streamload.com but with unlimited storage space I'm not one to complain. There's a list of the anime I have in the downloads sections of this page. Use the message board to do the actual requesting. Either me or Usa-chan (Thank you so much for helping me! ^_^) will answer to the requests.


~Downloads: More anime episodes! ^_^

~Image Gallery: Finally updated! Got images from episodes 1-12 now.